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Magnetic Fasteners

All of our Magnetic Snaps can be made with Legs, Stems or Rivets.

Standard Magnets

We have the largest selection of strengths and sizes in this category, including some very strong, very small magnets. These are the most traditional style and are appropriate for small leather goods, eyeglass cases, toys, handbags, garments, cases, luggage and outerwear.

Thin Profile
Thin Profile magnetic snap

Since these are thinner than normal, they won’t protrude as much, and are especially appropriate for automotive seat covers and removable seat covers on airplanes. Also excellent for handbags, luggage, backpacks, aerospace and marine applications.

Flush Profile
Flush Profile magnetic snap

The two faces of this style lie flush with fabric, leather and plastic surfaces. It is more aesthetic than our Standard and Thin profiles and has many fashion applications such as handbags, luggage, packaging and outerwear. This style requires a larger hole in the material or fabric.

Beveled Magnets

square beveled magnet

These sleek, high-fashion snaps enhance the appearance of items such as handbags, luggage and cases while also providing a strong closure.

Magnetic Purse Snap

This rectangular magnet has a round female and a thinner rectangular male. This allows the male to fit on a narrow belt or strap.

Self-Closing Magnets

self-closing magnet
Double-magnet systems are strong self-closing closures.

Available in Male/Female (to prevent sideways slipping) or "non-gendered" for closures that can't always line up exactly.