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MAGROM® Magnetic Grommet Snaps

magrom 17 mm
Also available in 20mm size
magrom 25 with washer
MAGROM 25 GRO - 25mm OD
(shown with washer)
Also available in 22mm size

The MAGROM Magnetic Grommet Snap is the only magnetic grommet in the marketplace today that combines a very strong snap closure (6.6 lb/3 kg) with the design aesthetic of a "pin and hole" closure.

The grommet face provides a surface suitable for a logo or graphic. Designers like the look of the center pin filling up the hole in the grommet.

The center pin can be a matching finish to the grommet or a contrasting color.

Coming in a variety of sizes, it can be used as a closure for an outer garment, purse, briefcase or handbag.

* Grommets reinforce holes in material so it won't crack or tear.

Assembly and Operation

MAGROM assembly