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The ROMAG Magnetic Snap

14 mm beveled

The ROMAG magnetic snap was invented in 1997 by Howard Reiter to fill a demand for secure snaps and closures that did not require some form of latching or other moving mechanism. Romag patented designs are the most advanced on the market today. Our production and distribution centers are located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Wherever you manufacture, just buy ROMAG magnetic snaps and put them right to use - no need for stickers or royalty licenses. ROMAG continues to broaden its marketing appeal as we develop new styles and strengths of magnetic closures.

When you have a specialized application for ROMAG magnetic snaps, be it automotive, fashion or aerospace, we are happy to accommodate your specific needs. ROMAG engineers are continuously working on new applications, products and design modifications, including custom logos and finishes.

Almost every day, ROMAG is expanding the variety of magnetic closures available to global markets. Our innovative products will always continue to add style, fashion and strength to the tool chest of the most discriminating designer.

  14 pat
  romag 18 square bevel
  12 mm sst